Argo Corn Starch 1lb - Pack of 24 Count

Argo Corn Starch 1lb - Pack of 24 Count

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  • For over a hundred years, Argo has been the leader in bringing high quality corn starch to the market. Corn starch is the starch derived from maize. It is used as thickening agent and also used in making corn syrup and other sugars. Chefs value the consistent quality and thickening ability that Argo Corn Starch offers.
  • Argo Corn Starch has twice the thickening powder of flour. Always mix Argo Corn Starch with a cold liquid before adding to hot liquids to prevent lumping. For maximum thickening and clarity, bring a cornstarch thickened mixture to a full boil. Argo Corn Starch is gluten-free. Ideal for fruit sauces, fruit pies, clear soups and puddings. Use corn starch to make lighter crusts or pastries. Argo Corn Starch is essential for thickening sauces for Asian stir-frys or sauces. For best results, store in a cool dry place.
  • Includes 24 - 1lbs.

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