LAMB WESTON Frozen CrissCut French Fries 4.5lbs - Pack of 6 Count

LAMB WESTON Frozen CrissCut French Fries 4.5lbs - Pack of 6 Count

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  • Carefully selected potatoes cut with the skin on for a natural appearance. Stealth coating is applied which insulates each fry so it stays hot, crisp and delicious, looking and tasting ''fresh from the fryer''many times longer than conventional fries.
  • These frozen criss-cross cut fries, also known as waffle fries, are great for holding heat and give phenomenal plate coverage benefiting the operator by having a higher yield than a traditional straight or krinkle-kut french fry.
  • Spruce up with a custom seasoning and offer as a 2nd fry choice for added profits!
  • Top with gravy and cheese curds for your own twist on classic Poutine.
  • Top with cheese sauce and chili for a hearty meal.
  • Criss-cut (waffle) fries history dates back to 1980 when an inventor shipped "a crude prototype" of a lattice-fry maker to Lamb Weston. The invention was almost abandoned due to the multiple frustrations of perfecting the lattice-fry maker. But through multiple trials and error, the waffle fry was born.
  • Do not drop. Handle like eggs. Perishable, keep frozen. Store at 0F or colder. Yield: approx. 108 - 4 oz servings.
  • Includes 6-4.5lb bags

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